The pressure and gas resistant door is intended for closing protective buidlings. In accordance with corresponding regulations, it is also possible to use it for closing other types of buildings, such as civil defence buildings
Technical data
The door is of a welded all-steel construction. The main part is formed by the wing and the door frame. Pressure resistence is secured by the construction of the wing which is mounted into the door frame; gas resistance is secured by the rubber packing. The wing is closed by a single-lever closing system. On the outside and on the inside the wings can be secured by a padlock. In order to provide the ventilation of adjacent rooms, air-conditioning elements can be built in the door wings. The electric blocking and the signalling device are constructed for unidirectional current with the voltage 24V. The power input of the device is 60W, and it can serve for the remote-control blocking and signalling of the door wing location. For electrical wiring transition, the door frames are equipped with two 11 conduits with the screwed wad. Products without air-conditioning elements are identical for both left and right openings (it can be done by turning by 180°).
Representation of the door according to the location of the air-conditioning elements LPU 300 or TPU 300.
PD -  Right door with TPU 300 down

LN - Left door with TPU 300 up
PN - Right door with TPU 300 up

LD - Left door with TPU 300 down
Signalling is delivered as special accessories for all door types and is always located in the upper part.
All other technical data you can found in the section of documents.
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