(E) 120-C0/EW 60-C0

Gas-tight doors are designed to achieve the conservation of buildings. It is possible, however, to take advantage of them in accordance with the relevant directives for the conclusion of other structures such as CO, the garage underground, warehouses.
Technical data
The structure of the door is all steel welded. The main part of the wing and doorframes forms. Pressure resistance is provided by the construction wing leaning against doorframe, it provides a gas-tight rubber seal. On the wings of fire is also glued tape LXSK 10x2,0. The wing is a single-lever concluded a three-point closing system and the inside has two snap pins in case of fire. From the outside and the inside of the wings can be secured with a padlock.
For ensuring gas-tightness of the door seal rubber is used for O18mm. Deploying to the door into the building to make a functional integration tests. Furthermore, it is also glued on the wing fire tape LXSK 10x2, 0. The structure of the door is a splash in advance as prescribed by the paint.That means penetrating anticorrosive surface with a high degree of adhesion of H-P and two-component polyurethane base MAJOR.
The surface of the polyurethane, two-component, which corresponds to the grey RAL 7039 article. Shade can be customized according to the requirements of the customer.
The dimension of the door can be adjusted according to the requirements with respect to the functionality of the doors.
All other technical data you can found in the section of documents.
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