Metal cutting

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Drilling up to diameter Ø 60 mm with a NC drilling machine (VR5N, VR5NC, VR4, hand magnetic drill machine).


Rotating diameter up to 900 mm, rotating length up to 3000 mm (SU-18, SU-40, SU-50, SU-90A).


By universal milling machines FA 4. Machine feeds (x/y/z) 1400/450/440 mm.


By horizontal milling machines 2A614-1-1 and WHN 13.4A.


Clamping surface of the table: 1000×1000 mm
Max. table movement (x/y/z): 800/1000/500 mm
Max. weight of workpiece: 2000 kg

WHN 13,4A

Clamping surface of the table: 1800×1600 mm
Max. table movement (x/y/z): 2000/2000/800 mm
Max. weight of workpiece: 4000 kg


Slotting is provided with HOV-16.
Slotting height 160 mm, Table diameter 320 mm.
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