Boiler HORAL 25-30

A hydronic boiler on wood with a steel body, lowpressure.
Technical data
HORAL boilers 25-30 kW power series are manufactured in hot-water with max. leaving water temperature 90 ° C. The used fuel is dry pieces of wood.
The design is adapted to the requirements of standard EN 303-5.
The design is adapted to the requirements of standard EN 303-5.

A description of the

1. Boiler body
2. Door H + D
3. Cover the fan
4. Close the top front
5. Cover the left side
6. Back cover
7. Cover the internal heat exchanger
8. The closing flap
9. Cover outdoor heat exchanger
10. The safety thermal valve (not part of the boiler)
11. Lining
12. Cover side right
13. Insert whirlpool
14. Fan
15. Drain cock 1/2 "
16. Electrical switchgear
17. Self-venting valve 3/8 "
18. Rating plate
19. Peeler tar
20. x
21. x - scraper
22. x - whisk pipe exchanger
23. Place the tray
24. The management of primary air
25. Nozzle (fireproof nozzle)
26. Chimney throat
27. Socket outlet water
28. Pipes exchanger
29. Secondary air
30. The combustion chamber
31. Throat return water
32. Lever closure flap
33. Scapula
All detailed technical data can be found in a  section of documents.
Assembly of a boiler in the boiler is installed on the base, which lies in the user's connection to the system, the connection to the chimney. Installation of the boiler by the user consists in installing the boiler concerned, which is linked to the heating system, connection to the chimney. The boiler is connected to a network is to connect the power cord plug into the socket. The boiler is not supplied, but the system must be built pressure relief valves, thermometers, barometers and either thermal relief valve, or storage tanks.
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